Internet Access

Trident Wireless provides internet connectivity up to 1 Gigabit/sec to subscribers in the DC metro area. We deploy the latest WIMAX and non-WIMAX technologies to deliver point to point and point to multipoint bandwidth to customers. We use a host of different frequencies to deliver our bandwidth. In some cases licensed frequencies are required and we help in obtaining all the necessary licenses to create a reliable and free of interference connection for our customers.

For many areas, unlicensed frequencies are quite sufficient. In such cases deployment is as quick as 48 hours. Internet links can be setup for permanent connection as well as for temporary events. We tailor our connection to your requirements. Our bandwidth is for commercial use and is symmetric up and down. We also provide static IP addresses with proper justification.

Trident has redundant connection with the Internet through first tier carriers by way of large backbone of over 25 gigs of capacity. Our network is not congested and can accommodate many customers with diverse requirements.