Does weather affect the connection?
It depends on the frequency that you operate under and the distance from our hub. If you operate on our normal 5.8 GHz or WIMAX frequencies weather has no impact on the connection. If you operate on higher frequencies like 60 GHz or 70 GHz, rain may impact it slightly. However, all our equipment have backup links and will switch to lower frequencies to prevent loss of link.

Is the connection secure?
Yes we use encrypted connection on our backbone links and customers can use encrypted connections as well.

What kind of equipment do I need on my end?
You just need a receiver which will plug into your router or switch.

Can I keep my current connection?
Yes of course. You can use our connection as primary or backup to your existing connection.

Do I need a license to operate this?
Not really. You will only need a license if you like to operate in a licensed frequency.

Where do I place the receiver?
Ideally on top of the roof of your building to provide for maximum clearance and visibility. We do have customers who place it behind office windows though and get good throughput.

How far can I be from your hub?
For point to point connections we can accommodate up to 30 miles away. However, for point to multipoint connections we do not recommend distances beyond 10 miles away from our hub. A survey will determine the ideal setup for your location.

How fast can you get me up and running?
If you have line of sight to us and you are allowed to place a radio on the roof, it will not take more than 48 hours to get your connection going.