Building Internet

Trident provides connectivity services to commercial and residential multi-dwelling buildings in a unique and innovative way. By utilizing the power grid of a building using state of the art Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) technologies, Trident is able to inject the internet signal throughout an apartment building or office units, thereby eliminating the need for costly cabling and networking.

Landlords who wish to provide Trident's BPL service to their tenants would simply have to install passive couplers on their power panels and then the Internet signal can be injected into the power grid. In each apartment unit a simple adapter receives the signal and via an ethernet plug allows the apartment resident or commercial customer to connect their PC to the building network. Each unit can be isolated and fully secure from other units by use of firewalls and routers.

In the Washington Metro Area, Trident beams its Internet signal via wireless broadband to many buildings who in turn provide this service to their tenants either as an amenity or paid service. The Trident BPL service allows Landlords to differentiate themselves from other non-wired buildings and thereby enhance the rentability of their units .

To take advantage of Trident's BPL service please contact us for your specific building requirements.