About US

Trident is the premier Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in the Washington, DC metro area. Using the latest broadband technologies, Trident delivers reliable fixed wireless broadband to users in its operating areas.

Trident currently serves the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland with its base of equipment and wireless hub locations. Trident utilizes licensed and unlicensed frequencies to provide wireless connectivity at speeds of up to 1 Gigabit/sec to its customers.

Fixed broadband equipment is mounted on top of tall buildings with subscriber units mounted on building rooftops or even behind glass windows in offices. Bandwidth is provided in various increments based on the need of our users.

Wireless deployments provide for quick, secure and reliable connectivity for commercial office customers and multi-unit residential dwellings. A typical provisioning and installation can take as low as 48 hours from order to activation. Links can be used as primary or backup links to existing links.

Trident Wireless is a division of Trident Internet Systems, Inc., (www.trident.net)  which has been providing Internet Services to the DC Metro Area since 1995. In addition to wireless services Trident Internet provides a variety of wired services including T1s, T3s, metro Ethernet as well as fiber connectivity.